Configure apps with a custom domain

By default, the app templates provided by Microtica use the microtica.rocks domain. Because this domain is owned by Microtica, it would only work for the apps deployed on our shared Kubernetes cluster but not on the clusters deployed on your own cloud account.

To setup your custom domain, just update the ingress configuration in the kube.config file by replacing the MIC_DOMAIN_NAME with your own domain. See below.


If you plan to deploy the same application on multiple clusters and environments, we recommend to provide the domain name as an environment variable by updating the schema.json file.


In this case just replace the domain name with {{DOMAIN_NAME}} and Microtica will replace the value before deployment.


After pushing the changes in Git, please wait for the pipeline to finish, then go to the apps, click on the three dots next to the app and choose Deploy different version. Select the latest version. You will be asked for the domain name, enter the domain name and click on Deploy.

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Updated 28 May 2022
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