Create an account in Microtica

Creating a Microtica account is free and no credit card is required.

There are two ways to create a free Microtica account: 

  1. Sign up with your own email, 
  2. or sign up with a GitHub account.

To create a Microtica account navigate to the Sign Up page.

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With Email

Enter a valid email and password and click on the Sign Up button.

Shortly after signing up, you should receive an email to activate your account. Follow the Activate Account link from the email and log in with your credentials.

Password policy

Password should contain at least:

  • 8 characters
  • one number
  • one uppercase character
  • one lowercase character

With GitHub

If you choose to identify with GitHub, you will be redirected to GitHub and asked to provide permissions to access basic details.

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GitHub access

Signing up with GitHub will NOT give Microtica access to your repositories

After accepting the requested GitHub permissions, you will be immediately redirected to Microtica Portal with an activated account and a Free project created.

You can now deploy apps and infrastructure with our ready-made templates to get you started. 

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