Configure a Custom Domain

By default, Strapi will be available on an auto-generated domain via http protocol.

To configure a custom domain you would need to do the following:

  • configure the custom domain
  • configure the SSL certificate
  • add the DNS records in your domain provider

Configure the custom domain

To enter a custom domain, go to the environment, in Resources, click the AppRunner resource, then in Resource Settings find the DomainName parameter.

Document image

Configure the SSL certificate

To create an SSL certificate follow the How to create SSL certificate guide.

Make sure that the domain name specified in the certificate matches the domain name provided in the AppRunner resource from the previous step.

Once you have your issued SSL certificate through AWS Certificate Manager you just need to copy the certificate ARN and past it in the AppRunner resource CertificateArn parameter (view image above).

Click on the Save button to only save these changes, or select the Save and Deploy button to apply the changes in the cloud.

Document image

Add the DNS records to your domain provider

In the AppRunner resource > Overview tab, under Resource Outputs, you should see the value of the CNAME parameter. Copy this value and add it as a CNAME record in your DNS provider.

Your Strapi infrastructure should be deployed for this output parameter to show.