Scaling your Strapi App

You can scale your Strapi project vertically and horizontally.

You can do this when creating the setup from the ready-made Strapi Serverless template. In the second section, Configure Template, for vertical scaling, you can enter the amount of memory reserved for the Strapi app (in MiB), and the number of CPU units reserved for the Strapi app. For horizontal scaling, you can configure the desiredReplicas parameter, which indicated the number of Strapi applications running at the same time. The workload will be balanced between the apps.

Strapi Serverless Template - Configure Template
Strapi Serverless Template - Configure Template

You can also configure these parameters after deploying your template. Navigate to your environment, under the Infrastructure tab, select the StrapiServerless component. In the Resource Settings tab, under General, you will find all the resource properties you can configure.

For vertical scaling, update the CPU and Memory configuration, and for horizontal scaling, update the number of desired replicas.

Click on Save to only save the configuration, or Save and Deploy to immediately reflect your changes in your running environment by deploying a new version of the StrapiServerless component.

Resource Configuration
Resource Configuration

Updated 13 Jun 2022
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