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What is Microtica?

Microtica is a self-service DevOps automation platform that enables companies and individuals to adopt cloud much faster.

Microtica does that by standardizing the way you build infrastructure and ship applications in the cloud. With a single tool.

How is Microtica different?

We take a different approach for building infrastructure and shipping applications that gets you started immediately.

Here are some aspects that differentiate Microtica from the other CI/CD tools:

  • You don’t need to integrate dozens of different tools to achieve the same level of automation you would achieve with Microtica
  • Zero maintenance cost
  • No need to write custom integration scripts to be able to interact with the cloud
  • Integrated with Kubernetes. From production-ready infrastructure to delivery automation for your applications
  • Ready to use infrastructure components to setup a complete infrastructure without writing any custom code
  • Rich CI/CD functionalities in one platform

The other tools usually require the use of other provisioning tools and you need to write most of the scripts to make things work. With Microtica you can build cloud infrastructure and ship applications with a single tool.

Collaborative platform

Microtica is a collaborative platform where developers can work together building solutions.

What we want to achieve with Microtica is to have a really low bar for devs to start working on the cloud and infrastructure through that layer of abstraction, but on the other hand offer that really high ceiling in terms of flexibility of what you can achieve if you already know what you are doing or are experienced in DevOps.

An example of that would be an experienced developer in the AI field, can define a complete infrastructure and applications. He/she can write custom code to achieve this and here comes the flexibility. Now, another developer or even someone not so familiar with technology could pick the component and start using it without writing any custom code at all within Microtica. Having few of those custom components you can build any kind of system like playing with legos.


Ready-made templates

Spin up on-demand infrastructure for your apps with built-in security, monitoring, and scalability. Select from production-ready templates and run in minutes.

Inline configuration

Change app configs, choose scaling settings, define and execute pipelines – all from our UI. Or use the microtica.yaml file in your code for more complex use cases.

Git-push deployments

Push your code to Git and your apps are automatically deployed in the cloud with our built-in integration with Kubernetes.

Automated rollbacks

Using Git as a single point of reference, rollbacks are handled automatically when something goes wrong after a deploy.

Production-ready security

The infrastructure provisioned on your AWS account has well-architected best practices for security, compliance, and performance incorporated. Our pipelines are reinforced with integrated Container Security Scans.

Monitoring in real-time

Know the state of your apps and infrastructure at any point in time. Follow deployments per environment, app resource consumption, and real-time logs.

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Updated 10 May 2022
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