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Microtica provides numerous pre-configured templates to simplify infrastructure provisioning and management on AWS. You can use the templates to quickly and reliably provision infrastructure on your AWS account, as well as deploy applications/services on a shared Kubernetes cluster or EKS on AWS. 

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Benefits of using Microtica's Templates for infrastructure and apps provisioning

  • Speed up development and DevOps activities. With our templates, you can start working in the cloud in minutes. You can reuse and combine our templates together to create more complex environments for common use cases with ease.
  • Be confident using high-quality infrastructure and application templates. Our team consists of certified AWS solution architects and developers, so the ready-to-use templates are developed with built-in security, monitoring, and scalability.
  • All templates are production-ready. The infrastructure provisioned on your AWS account has well-architected best practices for security, compliance, and performance incorporated. Our pipelines are reinforced with integrated Container Security Scans.

The templates are divided into two major categories:

Application templates

To get started with Microtica, we recommend trying out our application templates, which are part of the Free plan. Application templates can be deployed on Kubernetes, and our Free plan offers a Shared Kubernetes Cluster with 300MB of RAM for your applications. This cluster should only be used for development purposes. 

To run production applications, you should create an EKS cluster using our templates (part of the Starter and Advanced plan).

Our application templates include some of the most popular frontend and backend frameworks, with large user communities, used on various project types. 

  • Next.js
  • NuxtJS
  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • Vue.js
  • Strapi

Infrastructure templates

Additionally to the application templates, Microtica offers infrastructure templates, as well as templates that are a combination of infrastructure and applications to help you deliver common solutions to the cloud faster and more reliable. Our list of ready-to-use infrastructure templates includes:

  • Amazon EKS
  • Strapi Serverless Infrastructure
  • CDN (CloudFront + s3)
  • AWS Fargate
  • n8n.io
  • Webiny

You can use these templates to spin up infrastructure in a couple of steps. Once you create an environment, you can add more infrastructure resources to customize your solution according to your project needs. 

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Our growing list of infrastructure resources includes: 

  • AWS DynamoDB 
  • Amazon RDS for MySQL
  • Amazon RDS for PostgresSQL
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon VPC
  • Amazon ElastiCache
  • Amazon Elasticsearch

Updated 06 May 2022
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